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Instructions For Shipping and Payment

Please include your basic contact info with the knife when you send it. This includes: Name, address, phone number, email address. Also if you found me on a forum I would like to know what forum and your screen name. Please include any instructions with the knife. This is easier than trying to dig through emails or messages to look up instructions and who the knife belongs to.


I do accept PayPal, please do not send personal payment, send to will@awesome-edges.com In the notes or subject please just put your first and last name.
I also take personal or cashier checks, and money orders. Please make them out to Awesome Edges. 
You can include a check or money order with the package for the total of service and shipping. If you would like to pay with PayPal you can just add the price of shipping in with the payment. Last option is that you can ship your package, add the shipping price to your total and mail a check or money order in the mail. As long as it is mailed within a day it should make it here about the same time. You can also send me your items and I can invoice you for the total. If paying by PayPal this is my preferred method. Your package will usually be returned by the same carrier it was shipped unless other instructions are used.
Please let me know if you want insurance on the package and how much you want to insure it for because this greatly affects shipping prices.
You can ship USPS, UPS, or FedEx. 

Folders just wrap them and pack them well. If it is an OTF knife make sure it is safe, even if that means you have to ship it open and treat it like a fixed blade. If it is an auto please wrap it so it is safe. Fix blades, either send them with the sheath or tape 2 pieces of cardboard together to protect the tip and wrap them in paper/bubble wrap. In general make sure they are packaged pretty tight and not loose in the box. DO NOT SEND KNIVES IN AN ENVELOPE!

Please ship to:
Awesome Edges
4700 Hwy 365 Ste A PMB 234
Port Arthur, TX 77642