"The Hot Rod Shop for Knives"

Awesome Edges is a knife sharpening and maintenance service company that is owned and operated by myself, Will Crutcher. I am a Retired U.S. Army Disabled Veteran. We are a two person operation. My wife, Gabi, does all the smart work such as: invoicing, and shipping, and I do the sharpening. My goal is to provide people with a great service that I call a dying art in the modern world. I am a Network Engineer by trade, and work full time on phone systems, networks, and computer systems for everyone from residential and small businesses all the way up to very large complex corporations. I spend my off time sharpening and repairing knives. I even try my luck at regrinds and knife making every now and then. 

For sharpening only, I usually give people around a 3 day turn around time. Repairs may take me longer or I may get a larger shipment of knives and that will slow down my turnaround. If I am behind when I get your blade and I foresee it taking longer than 3 days I will let you know and will try to get you an approximate day when it will get done. I work on blades in the order I received them unless you fall under a category in my priority list below. 

Some people may not like my priority list but I look at it this way; the people on the top perform services for everyone in this county and they use their tools to do it. Just a note, this usually does not affect my 3 day turnaround. My priority list is as follows:
Military, LEO, Fire/Rescue will get priority if it is their work knives or tools.
Contract customers will get 2nd priority.

I take PayPal, Money Order, Personal Check, Cashier’s Check. We usually ship USPS because it's convenient and easy, but it is up to you how you ship. We will ship it back how you ship it to us, unless it is DHL. We can ship UPS, FedEx, or USPS. We can receive DHL but cannot ship DHL.

The Awesome Guarantee - If you are not completely satisfied with the edge, I will resharpen it, if you are not happy after the 2nd sharpening I will gladly refund you the cost for the sharpening service. The only exclusion to this, if you send us a knife with poor steel there is not much you can do with that stuff but I will make it as sharp as possible. I have a lot of pride in my work and if I am not happy with it I will make it right one way or another.

All measurements are made from the plunge line or where the cutting edge starts and they are rounded to the nearest inch. Karambits, hawkbills, and other severe recurves are measured by actual cutting edge length. 
To determine the price for a double edged or multi-bladed knife add of all the cutting edges together and use the total as if it was a single knife that length.

Knives (these prices are not set in stone these are general guidelines that I use)
Knife plain edge with up to 3" blade - $5.00
Each additional 1" add - $1.00
Knife plain edge 12" - $12
Each additional 1" add - $0.75
Serrated knife with up to 3" blade - $7.50
Serrated knife each additional inch add - $2.00
Combo edge knives – Plain edge total plus $1 per inch of serration
(Example- if you have a 4” knife and it has 1” of serration on it. $5+$1.00=$6.00 plus $1.00 for serration which would total $7.00)
Severe recurve, hook, karambit, hawkbill (per inch) - $2.00
Exotic Steels(Ti, SM100, 6k, etc) - Please contact me for a quote, but usually 1.5x - 2x the price of standard steels. 
Japanese style kitchen knives - Please contact me for a quote.

Knife cleaning $10 and up for most folders this involves disassembling the knife and cleaning all surfaces and lubing where needed. There will be an extra fee for full autos and Axis style locks. I do not remove scales that are pinned or riveted on unless I am replacing the scale for you. I am not doing cleaning on OTF knives at this time. Once I pull a few of those apart and get a better feel for them this will change. 

Knife maintenance and repair, this will be quoted. This includes replacing scales, spacers, springs, pivots, screws etc. If I see something that needs replaced I will let you know. There are some parts I have in stock, if I don't have what you need in stock I can probably get it.

Yard Tools
Mower blade Straight - Heavy blade $7.00 and up, Light blade $5.00 and up
Mower blade Mulching - Heavy blade $10.00 and up, Light blade $7.00 and up
Ax/hatchet - $5.00 and up per edge
Hoe, shovel, or spade $4.00 and up
Machete - $0.75 per inch with $6.00 minimum (chopping edge) 

Misc. Please contact me for these items because some of them I can do some I cannot do.
Paper cutter - $1.00 per inch with $10.00 minimum and must be removed from board.
Food processor blade
Straight Razors are quote only because of so many variables.

I break these up into 2 types of scissors, Beautician and hair or general use. Beautician/hair scissors/shears start at $20, general use start at $10. 

Please ask for quote on repairs.
Broken tip repair
Blade shape restoration
Restore serrations
If you have something else that needs an Awesome Edge please contact us for a quote. Gardening tools, pruning shears, electric hair trimmers.

If you prefer a specific type of edge, toothy or more polished, please let me know and it will be done per your request. I don't do a lot of full polished mirror edges, but I will do them if you let me know ahead of time and please be aware that there will be an extra charge for them. If you are not sure what kind of edge you want or need, I will ask questions and assess the type of knife, steel, and its uses and put the correct edge on it for you. If you do not specify what kind of edge, I will put what I feel is right on the blade.

Thank you and have an Awesome Day!